Preparing Yourself for a Career in Human Resources Management

Integral to the field of human resources is the need for strong human resources management skills. The purpose behind human resources is to manage the work force of a company or organization. This position can be limited to one person at a company or can have an entire department dedicated to the purpose. The extent of responsibilities in human resources management will greatly depend on the area in which one works and the size of the work force that needs to be managed.

The need for human resources management began itself to expand soon after the idea of a human resources career came to the forefront of the corporate world. While the career of human resources was initially focused on overseeing payroll, hiring, and termination practices, it has now transformed into field focused on realizing work force potential through human resources management.

What’s Involved in Human Resources Management?

A career in human resources management will focus on overseeing an employee work force within a company or organization. This will involve the general tasks associated with the job as mentioned before, such as hiring and training new employees. However, a career with a management focus will also delve into other responsibilities. Some include:

  • Handling Disputes Among Employees
  • Communicating New Policies on Behalf of the Company
  • Creating Incentives and Programs to Increase Productivity
  • Managing Work Force Out-Put
  • Managing the Integration of New Technology

Degree Options for Human Resources Management

To become successful within a human resources management career, it is advisable that you supplement your career with a degree or certification. There are various types of degrees and certification options available.
A degree can provide a potential student with expertise in how to successfully manage within human resources. Such skills acquired will include communication, interpersonal strengths, and micro and macro managerial insights. A degree can be achieved at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, MBA, Master’s, and Doctorate levels. It is not usually a requirement of an employer to have a degree in human resources management before one can start in an entry-level position. However, having a degree can greatly improve your odds of getting hired.

A degree can take several years to complete, which often leaves people wondering if there is a better option to help them stand out in their human resources management career. First, many online schools offer degrees in the human resources management major. These online degrees tend to be more affordable and can be earned at a more flexible pace.

The second option, and one of the more popular within the human resources management industry, is to obtain certification. Certification is granted from the Human Rights Certification Institute. Exams for certification are typically offered nation-wide twice a year and are based on multiple choice exams that span several hours.
There are several types of certification. Before you consider this path, you should know that among the requirements for taking these exams is at least two years of experience in a human resources career. Some industry experts even suggest spending four years within the industry before sitting for any of these challenging exams.

The most basic level of certification is a Professional in Human Resources, PHR, followed by a Senior Professional in Human Resources, or SPHR. A successful career in human resources management will be well complimented by one of these certifications as it indicates to employers that you have met the high industry standards set for human resources management.

Earning certification can also be a cheaper route to go if you are trying to find an option to boost your prospects within human resources management. Preparation courses for certification cost around $1000 to complete.